F3 Size Wound Closure Device

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Product Name: Medical Skin Stretching and Secure Wound-closure System
Model: L Shape and F Shape
Quick Details
Properties:Medical Adhesive & Suture Material
Type:The Surface of Suture Materials
Brand Name:Huibo Medical
Place of Origin:Henan, China (Mainland)
Product name:high quality medical sterilized wound closure device
Material:PP Buckle, Medical Adhesive Tape, Release Paper
Features:Clearly Observe the Wounds, Convenience for Use
Function:Freely Adjust, Deal with Irregular Wounds and Open Wounds
Certificate:CE/ISO13485, FDA
Application:for Wound Closure of Skin Surgical
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
china manufacture high quality medical sterilized wound closure device with CE' s packing: 3 sets in one bag, 30 Sets per Color Box, and 200 Boxes per Carton, Gross Weight 4.5kg
Delivery Time
Shipped in 30 days after payment
Compared with current sewing closure, stapler closure, glue closure, strip closure and zipper closure, the medial skin stretching and secure wound-closure device has the features as stitch-free suture, bidirectional stretching, reversable adjustment, relief tension, and aesthetics in wound healing. Besides, it possesses such advantages as not being limited with wound shapes and sizes, reducing the risk of wound infection, not invading into the body, free of local anesthesia, reducing the wound scars, free of stitches, simple and time-saving treatment after operation, complete suture, etc.
Directions for Use:
1. Preparation before closure
(1) If suturing the subcutaneous layer, firstly adopt standard method to conduct subcutaneous suture in layers to reduce wound tension and make the wound heal better.
(2) Adopt standard method to clean the wound surface to make the skin surface around the wound clean, dry and free of oil and make sure the adhesive side of the closure system stick to the skin firmly.
2. Wound Closure
(1) Clean up the skin edges and try to make them neat. Decide the number of the closure systems according to the size of the wound.
(2) Open the sterilized package, and remove the closure system from the base plate of the release paper.
(3) Stick the two adhesive edges of the closure system to both sides of the wound, gently touch the adhesive tape to make the tape and the skin closely stuck with each other, and pull the both locking bars to close the wound.
(4) According to the aforesaid method, stick the closure systems one by one and make the wound completely closed.
(5) Tidy up the wound, if the wound edges coincide or the closure is too tight, use the index finger to raise the switch knob on the lock to adjust the closure to the best extent.
(6) Cut the excess locking bars.
3. After Closure
(1) Clean up the wound after being closed.
(2) Cover the dressing on the wound surface against the contamination from the outer world.
4. Observation and Removal after Operation
(1) Observe the wound conditions after the operation, directly clean up, drain and apply the medicine to the wound, and change the gauze to keep the wound clean.
(2) After 7 to 14 days, the doctor may remove the closure systems according to the healing condition of the wound.
Contraindication: Do not apply it to the patient who is allergic to this kind of product, and do not apply it to the patient with suppurating, festering wound or other infections.
Company InformationF3 Size Wound Closure Device

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