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Transfer Tapes
Transfer tapes are constructed of solvent acrylic adhesive or hot melt synthetic rubber reinforced with PET net backing and  release liner.
Generally for industrial applications whereas thicker adhesive mass is required.
The products listed below with our standard specification can be varied from different adhesive, carrier, liner or total thickness. Customized services available upon request.
Product NameAdhesiveCarrierLinerTotal thicknessRemarks
3459G  PET Net Adhesive TapeSolvent acrylicPolyester net  (16 mesh)Brown glassine paper (90g/㎡)95thicker adhesive
1) Features
● Ideal for rough, uneven, or curved surface
● Will not bleed through materials
● Resistance to moisture, solvents and UV rays
● High tack, moderate shear, good compatibility with low energy surfaces, good resistance to aging.
● Superior die cutting properties
2) Application
● Generally for industrial applications whereas thicker adhesive mass is required.
● Mainly used for lamination of foams and plastics polyethylene and polypropylene.
3) Component
LINER Brown glassine paper (90g/㎡)
CARRIER Polyester net  (16 mesh)
ADHESIVE Solvent acrylic
4)Technical data
Test ItemsUnitsSpecTest Standard
Thicknessum95YG J001  modified PSTC 33
Rolling Ball Tackcm≤10YG J002
    modified PSTC 6
Peel StrengthN/25mm≥20YG J003
    modified PSTC 1
Holding Powerh≥25YG J004
    modified PSTC 7
Temperature Resistance℃70YG J008-2
Test Conditions: 23±2℃
The above data is presented in good faith based on samples tested and corresponded to the average values, which cannot be considered as binding by contract or by specifications. Since many different factors may influence the product's performance, we recommend testing the product prior to any application. Our technicians are ready to provide further information and recommendation.
The data may be varied for further optimization of our products, and the updated information can be forwarded upon industrial tape

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