Powerful Extra Crisp

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Our History
Guangzhou Beter Chemical CO., Ltd has began production since 2007 and got license from 2010. The head of Beter Chemical got rich experience both in aerosol producing and foreign sales, who got high praise from customers from all over the world for considerate service and professional production.
We are almost the first ones to come to this daily Chemical business. While at the first time, we are focus on mosquito coils, and then slowly switched to aerosol daily chemical products. This experience make us got rich experience and also got good overlook view on this business.
Our Factory
Beter Chemical is located in Guangzhou, China, which is a popular trading city in China and very convenient to visit at all times. Customers from all over the world are welcomed to come and chat with us face-to–face at any time.
Our Product
Beter Chemical have focus ourselves on aerosol products, especially in
6.and other daily chemical products.
Come to chat with us now. We won't dissapoint you! ! !
Our Certificate
Beter Chemical has got full set of government certificate from China mainland and Hongkong also, which can guaranteed you got 100%business protect from government. We also got SGS license which certify our good quality. Moreover, we also have several registered brands name and design license.
Production Equipment
From cover, bottles to all chemical ingredients inside, we controlled all details of our prodcuts. We have got 4 production lines which can finish one container in 3days.
This makes we provide CHEAP enough price together with Guaranteed quality. On the same level of price, we can 100%guarenteed we provide the best quality for you. This is because we do want you earn together with us which can make long-term business.
Cause all of the materials is what we purchase ourselves instead of some trading company do. This also makes us provide FULL OEM Service from various covers, various printing, various fragrance, various package to various ingredients.
Production Market
Beter Chemical’s Customers are from all over the world, we have got different quality levels which can meet different requirement of customers.
1.Africa           32.1%
2.South America   18.9%
3.Middle-East     16.3%
4.Asia            12.5%
5.Europe          7.1%
6.Others         13.1%
Our service
Since we got rich enough experience of both our Daily Chemical Area and foreign trading, Beter got really high praise from our customers. We are also feeling honoured to got these appreciation and will keep working hard to cooperate and better service our customers.Powerful Extra Crisp

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