Heat Preservation Gear Pump

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Product Description
The Heat preservation Pump is designed for conveying the medium thickened, solidification or crystallization under normal temperature, and maintained a certain temperature and easy flow, such as asphalt, paraffin wax, rosin, heavy oil, resin and similar liquid, the temperature is not higher than 200℃.
Equipped with the cycle of interlining in the pump body, the material oil, steam, hot water, cold water and other medium could heat, preserve heat and cool for the liquid transported and pump. After downtime, the medium in pump can still get to melt and make high viscous medium full of pump, which really have played an important role in conveying high viscous medium.
Technical Details
MaterialTool steel, cemented carbide, 304, 316.
SealingSingle and double mechanical seal,Packing seal
InstallationMotor installation.
Pressure1-120bar(depending upon viscosity)
ViscosityUp to 1000000Cps
TemperatureTemperature:-18~2000C(Explain it before selection if the temperature is over 900C)
Typical application
●Petrochemical industry: asphalt, paraffin wax, rosin, heavy oil, resin and sulfur.
●Film industry: cast hollow fiber membrane liquid, hollow water

Selection table
TypeSingle rotation displacement(cc/rev)Rated flow rate at Maximum speed(L/min)Maximum speed
      (rpm)Inlet/outlet dimension
EM38048.120.9550G1 1/4”
EM60060.033.0550G1 1/2”
EM80080.038.4480G1 1/2”
EL108108.051.8480G1 1/2”
Note: The above parameters are measured when the pressure is 0 bar
Packing & Delivery
1.Standard export carton/plywood case or to customer's request.
2.Usually shipped by air.
3.We do our best to ship your order within 1 week after receiving your payment.


Our products have more than a dozen patents, and we have been doing our best to make gear metering pumps.
Product line

Test Line

The testing equipment has high precision, which can be accurate to 0.001mm, and the testing content is comprehensive, so as to ensure that every process is perfectly verified.
Q: How about delivery time?
A:1. It is about 3-7 working days if products are in stocks.
2. If product are out of stock, The delivery time depends on the quantity.
Q: Could you provide samples?
A: Yes, of course. We will send samples to you against advance deposit, but the price of sample pump and the freight charge is paied by your side.
Q: How about product problem solution?
A: If you can’t solve the problem in your local, please send the product to us, we will repair it, then back  to you.Heat Preservation Gear Pump

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