cheap price LED Panel Light -Ceiling Round

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Our History
Hangzhou Taiyi Technology Co., Ltd was Founded in 2007 andformerly a factory of energy saving lamps. With efforts, it established its own brand "Taiyi" and created 2 factories, one LED housing factory and one LED lighting assembly factory within these 10 years to pursue the competitive cost control. Continually we have been improving the quality control systerm from R&D, material test, prodcution control and final product inspection, which insure to produce the stable quality products and service to our customers.
Our Factory
Our factory nearly occupied an area of 10000mm and approximately 200 employees. It has a perfect management system from raw material procurement to final production. Now it has more than 10 injection molding machines, 3 assembly lines, 2 auto assembly lines, 2 SMT machines, which can produce over 1 tons/day for plastic molding parts, over 50000PCS lamps/day and maintains a steady growth in the production capacity year by year. Equipped with completely equipments for research, development and inspection, we have standard venues where we can do electrified, overload and lifetime testing, products' shape looking check and so on.
Our Product
LED Bulbs, LED Panel Light, LED Energy Saving Lamp, LED Belt Light, LED Mirror Front Lamps, Art Light and so on.
Product Application
Electrical & Electronics, Light Industry & Daily Use, Lights & Lighting.
Our Certificate
ISO9001, CE, RoHS, SNI, UL etc.
Production Equipment
10 injection molding machines, 2 SMT machines.
Production Market
Taiyi with its experts team and complete products series, which has supplied its LED lights thoughout the countries in Asia, Pacific Continent, Africa, South America, Europe, Middle-East, etc and has won the good reputatuib from the clients.
Our Service
Based on a service style of "Factualism, Aggressiveness, Innovation, Sincerity", Taiyi promises and fulfills service and guidance for users all over the world. The company has an international professional service team focusing on comprehensive professional services such as answering users' questions about product technological process, personalized solutions, spare part preparation, online communication and so on, making product service personalized, comprehensive, long period and less defective so as to win users' confidence, assurance, sincerity and price LED Panel Light -Ceiling Round

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